dj and singer sonia clark from london's crouch end originally wanted to be the world's best pentathlete, however she soon realised that she could use her high energy for other talents. after becoming the vocalist for a reggae band called fari, she attempted to become a dj. she made one of her first performances at london-based club swankey mode, run by club promoter simon belofky. he immediately took a liking to her and the club became her first residency. later the ministry of sound club in london begun asking for her and she can still occasionally be seen there today performing dj sets. people weren't used to seeing women dj in the early 1990s so she received a lot of criticism. eventually her unique blend of singing over house music pulled her through. despite still being one of very few female djs, she focuses on the job and states that she has never experienced sexism in the industry. in 1998 she signed to london-based label serious records and released her popular song “it feels so good”. she continues to tour in clubs across the uk and the world.

ministry of sound
103 gaunt street
london se1
tube station borough


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