space invader

since 1998 paris is under attack from small space invaders. a masked alien called space invader cements little colourful tiles all over the city. there are 469 mini monsters inspired by old school atari games. no two mosaic’s look the same. so far the little space invaders have conquered over twenty  major cities including new york, london, los angeles and tokyo. their creator space invader has published city invasion maps on his website, so that users can locate each little mosaic tile. the map can be used for a global space invader hunt or to hang on the wall as decoration. there is also an invasion kit, which consists of a complete mosaic for self-installation. cement or strong glue is required to mount the mosaic. after nightly installing sessions, invader likes to relax at the republique express game hall, where the game-boys of paris try the latest combat, soccer and karate games. republique express opens daily. space invaders latest project are limited edition trainers with stitched invader designs.

republique express
1 boulevard saint-martin
metro station republique


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