space museum

featuring: kool savas

kool savas aka savas yurderi came to germany at the age of 5 after his father was jailed in turkey for political reasons. by 14 he was already rapping in english. after a period in the us with his girlfriend and beatmaster, melanie 'melbeatz', savas began rapping in german. It was an oakland c.a. crew that thought this was much cooler. with his scandalous first release dissing other rappers 'suck my dick gay rappers' / 'leck meinen schwanz/schwule rapper' savas became infamous overnight on the pc german rap scene. his later hit 'der beste tag meines lebens' was about the importance of family and friends. savas, mel and dj nicon hang out together. savas west-berlin based optik crew starts an expedition into east berlin orbital space centre with a ride on the miniature railway which leaves directly from s-bahn station wuhlheide. after a 10 minute ride through the city wood, the crew arrives at the wuhlheide leasure centre. from thursday to sunday you can hear about the history of space travel at the orbital. the space centre also offers weightlessness training for wannabe astronauts. in the weightless state space travellers need minimal movements to avoid injury. at ground control trips to the international space station iss are simulated. savas wants to use the replica space station as a set for his next video.


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