the beach near tsujido is a paradise for sun-worshipping tokyo teens and a conclave for surfers, skaters and party people, who cannot be bothered with the hustle and bustle of the big city. take the tokaisen train to tsujido, which takes one hour. from there cabs take you directly to the beach. the sputnik beach bar features a huge skate ramp, build by pro skate boarder akira matsui (pictured). sputniks motto is ’a living room at the beach’, which means swimming and surfing in the mornings, chilling on the sofa at noon and dj’s, bonfire and floodlit skateboarding at night. famous dj’s like u.f.o. play for free, just for fun. the bar is open from august to september. owner kun used to be a globetrotter himself and has plans to take his beach bar around the world. the whole bar fits into a container and can be put up anywhere in no time.

tsujido train station




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