ssur*plus streetwear designer ruslan karablin arrived in brooklyn as a five year old from from the russian city odessa. after working as a banker, russell made his first t-shirts in 1989 to promote his art paintings. recently karablin worked on a series of american old-timers. even the ssur streetwear label name came from his artwork. russ signed his initials backwards on the paintings. pop culture is a main inspiration for russell. karablin works with images of old hollywood movies like walter hill’s ‘warrior’ or ‘planet of the apes’. apart from ape motifs russell also uses pop icons such as bruce lee, che guevara and influential black musicians on his clothing line. russell grew up with hip hop. the ssur sub-label natural born is dedicated to musicians. apart from streetwear ssur*plus also produces furniture pieces, shoes and duvets. russell started making toys by remodelling small gi-joe figures. now he makes his own military creatures with interchangeable ape warrior or che guevara heads. most nolita streetwear stores open from 12.00. neighbouring chinatown offers very cheap fake designer fashion, watches and bling bling.

219a mulberry avenue
subway station spring street



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