st. germain

together with laurent garnier st germain was one of the pioneers of french house music. saint germain aka ludovic navarre doesn’t want to be pigeon holed into the french touch scene. he doesn’t enjoy clubbing and is much happier when at home in his studio. for the tourist album saint germain recorded each musician for a meagre three hours. the recording was loaded into his computer, chopped up, swapped around and something beautiful created. ludovic’s music borrows from jazz, latin, soul and blues. the narrow minded attitude of france’s jazz elite annoys ludovic who feels that jazz today is pretty superfluous and that parisian musicians are nothing but ‘living samplers’. for those who don’t agree, rue des lombards is the right address for three of the french capitals hippest jazz venues. saint germain’s album tourist is out on blue note.

duc des lombards club
le baiser salé club
sunset & sunside club
rue des lombards
75002 paris
metro station chatelet


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