stefan kretzschmar

as a kid, playing for the youth-team of dynamo berlin, stefan kretzschmar hated magdeburg, because his team always lost badly. today stefan can not imagine to play handball anywhere else. the left-winger of german champion sc magdeburg is the unofficial figurehead of the east-german city on the river elbe. since 1999 the maverick has the status of a cult-figure. not only kretzschmars achievements at handball were responsible for this but also his crazy hair styles, fourteen tattoos and five piercings. stefan used to present his own mtv show ‘sushi’. his girlfriend is successful swimmer franziska von almsieck. kretzsche, how he is called by his friends, is simply cool. because stefan does not like to cook for himself and his mates, he opened the sport-bar k-73. there you can see handball souvenirs, old tricots, cups and stefan kretzschmar photos. the k-73 in magdeburg’s centre is open daily from 09.00-01.00. if you hang out at the bar after a game of the sc magdeburg, you might be lucky enough to meet the star himself.

berliner chausee
39114 magdeburg
rail station zoologischer garten


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