street basketball

in the north of paris lies the most famous parisian basketball cage directly under the tracks of stalingrad metro. kids play hard street basketball here everyday. that’s why they call it stalingrad. the jordan’s of tomorrow play until it gets dark and then refresh themselves in local sports bar le vestiaire. ex-basketball player eddy lamie founded le vestiaire as there were no bars in paris that showed basketball, boxing and soccer. b'ball fanatic lamie fitted an authentic basketball floor. the stalingrad newcomers practice their latest tricks in the bar. if there is no match showing, you can listen to the latest hip hop tunes. friday and saturday there is a club night playing hip hop, r ‘n’ b and salsa in le vestiaire. le vestiaire is open daily from 19.00-02.00. the basketball cage is open 24 hours a day. it should be avoided late at night as drug dealers take over the area.

basketball cage stalingrad
boulevard de la chapelle
metro station stalingrad

le vestiaire
64 rue jean-pierre timbaud
metro station parmentier


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