street sleeper

edd china's company cummfy banana offers alternative sightseeing in a motorised four-poster bed with top-speeds of 70 mph. lazy london tourists can take it very easy indeed. the 45 minute tour starts of at the hard-rock cafe and takes you to see buckingham palace, finishing at tower bridge. the vehicle used to be an old vw-variant. steering and motor are hidden underneath the bed quilt. the street sleeper takes three passengers at a time. besides the bed, cummfy banan also offer sofa, tent, bush and skip rides. one motorbike with a sidecar has been transformed into a mobile bathroom with a toilet and tub. if you decide to cruise london in the cummfy bed, you have to get used to the stares of amused pedestrians and drivers. one thing is for sure, to keep a low profile in the street sleeper is impossible.


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