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those who are fed up with london’s splendid and well lit buildings should follow the tracks of the notorious prostitute killer jack the ripper. every evening at 19.00 the standard ripper tours meet in aldgate but those who fancy original costumes should book the discovery walks. discovery walks offer a stroll through the original locations where jack the ripper used to reek havoc. one stop is the ten bells pub where jack’s victims went to pick up customers. the pub is still decorated in it’s original style. only these days it is a trendy pub where locals meet for a pint. from the ten bells pub the tour leads to the sisters of mercy nunnery where prostitutes in olden times came to seek refuge. the female tour guide is dressed as a prostitute from 1888. she sings original songs from one of jack’s victims. the 1½ hour long tour gives a general introduction to jack’s tactics and describes the brutal murders in gruesome detail. 

ten bells pub
84 commercial street
london e1
tube station liverpool street



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