tadjikan tea room

in the old government of the former east german state the tajik tea room offers an original insight into central asian rituals and customs. the tea room is in the former house of the german-soviet friendship. it was donated by the former soviet-republic tadjikistan. carved wood panels, lighting, cushion-covers, carpets and paintings of folktale heros were all originally made in tadjikistan. visitors remove their shoes before sitting on the floor cushions. smoking and beer-drinking are forbidden instead there is a 'russian tea ceremony', served with vodka and a selection of sweets in jars. the guest mixes concentrated tea and water from a samovar. because of sugar shortages people traditionally used jam to sweeten their tea. also there are biscuits, orangeat & citronat (dried oranges & lemons) as well as raisins soaked in alcohol. to neutralise the sweet taste russian soldiers traditionally drink a glass of vodka between rounds of tea. so the tea room is an ideal place to meet friends for a relaxed but drunken evening. the tadjikan tea room is open monday to friday between 17.00-24.00 and at the weekend between 15.00-24.00.


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