takako minekawa

featuring: yoyogi park

a child tv star, takako often became the target of envious comments by her class mates. the young loner said good-bye to acting, when mum minekawa gave her a casio keyboard. from early on takako was interested in french chansons and played in a band called fancy face groove with kahimi karie (see tokyo episode 12). her following solo albums were produced, amongst others, by buffalo daughter (see tokyo episode 6) and her current boyfriend  cornelius (see tokyo episode 2). takako’s playful, intelligent electronic sound is the perfect chill out antidote to the hectic life in tokyo. already as a school kid, takako liked to watch the stylish crowd at yoyogi park. to this day, the park is a meeting point for dressed up gothics and amateur rock bands at weekends. takako’s ep, maxi on, is released by emperor norton in the usa.


yoyogi park
harajuku train station



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