tea & spices

culinary delicatessens don’t always have to be expensive in paris. the marriages frères in marais is a teahouse, teashop and tea-museum in one. the tea is traditionally prepared in a luxurious atmosphere. there is a choice between tea picked during the waxing or the waning of the moon. delicious high calorie sweets come with the tea. visitors can smell 500 different types of tea in the tea shop. there is green bread that tastes of tea and tea scented candles for sale. the best thing is the strong aroma that has seeped into the wood of the tea bar over hundreds of years. the tea-museum on the first floor has an international tea service collection. the mariages freres shop opens daily from 10.00-19.00, the teahouse from 10.30-18.30. north east of paris is hugo’s unique caravan restaurant. the west-indian chef hugo sells his caribbean specialities to hungry diners. grilled fish, chicken, plantain and yam are always on the menu. the massive portions are heated up in the microwave. newcomers shouldn’t be intimidated by the look of the food. it is cheap and it tastes delicious. hugo’s karavan opens daily from 18.00 and closes late in the evening whenever hugo feels like it.

mariages frères
30 rue du bourg-tibourg
metro station hotel de ville

hugo's karavan



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