terminal & dog bakery

the terminal shop in daikanyama is designed like an airport lounge. the concept is that of an airport terminal where passengers meet and mix. terminal sells unusual streetwear from japan, europe, usa & australia. they also have lots of fashion accessories like retro airline bags or chunky digital watches manufactured by omega for the olympic games in the 1970’s. customers go mad for the 1960’s rare groove designs such as old school reel to reel tape machines. some japanese would pay their monthly wages for well designed retro technology. a cheaper option is the airport junk which crams the shelves of the store, such as aircraft models, ground support transport models, and signage stickers. vintage klm, pan am and lufthansa planes are most popular. airport freak yoshinari sunahara (see tokyo episode 8) is a regular shopper in terminal. after shopping dog handlers can pop up the road to treat their dog to elevenses at three dog bakery. the bakery offers a big selection of fresh cakes gateau and cookies that look so good the handler will be tempted. this pouch paradise has a big selection of designer dog carriers, hermes dog collars, backpacks and other fashions for four legged friends. the weirdest item is the dog language translator. after the holder enters data on his pet the collar machine analyses the woofs. the translated barks are derived from 4000 pre-programmed dog emotions. best of all is the doggie dating board, worth borrowing a dog for. woof woof. 3 dog bakery is open daily from 10.00-20.00.

11-1 daikayama-cho
three dog bakery
2-7-101 sarugaku-cho
train station daikanyama


threedog.co.jp, takaratoys.co.jp/bowlingual


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