featuring: x-tra-x, kato club

the five member celt-gothic-metal formation thanateros was founded in 2000 in berlin. jenne riediger has already plucked the bass for germany’s best known goth band ‘dreadful shadows’. singer ben richter is a member and priest of the core-shamanism. bens lyrics deal with the deepening, developing and freeing of your inner powers, which are repressed by the outside world. at x-tra-x the goth, goth metal and dark wave scene kit themselves out with clothing, shoes and dark fashion accessories. x-tra-x is berlin’s biggest dark store supermarket for american and english imports. the shop is open monday to saturday from 11.00-19.00. at the kato club, directly under the u-bahn tracks at the schlesisches tor, is where various dark tribes meet every friday night for the station to station party of dj uwe marx. the night exists since 1997. uwe mixes gothic, wave, batcave, postpunk & electronic body music. kato has a mixed crowd because the music styles are mixed. uwe marx is also a member of the electronic duo ‘bakterielle infektion’. the station to station night starts at 23.00, but people don’t start dancing before 01.00.


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