thunder dolphin

thunder dolphin, or city coaster, is the name for the first roller coaster in the middle of tokyo. 1000m of it winds through the entertainment complex laqua. the carts race at a maximum speed of 130km/h. at a height of 80m and an 80-degree tilt, even the bravest roller coaster freak gets a bit queasy. a photo for the screaming dolphin-victim is available to buy after the ride. beginners can practise on a smaller ride before trying the big one. the neighbouring ferris wheel makes for a more relaxing view of tokyo. thunder dolphin is the main attraction at the laqua centre, which also offers a beauty spa, a fitness club, various other rides, a water slide, a water-light show, shops and cafés. all attractions are open daily from 11.00-21.00. the thunder dolphin does not run if it is raining. this is not for safety reasons, but simply because it hurts too much to be hit by the rain at high speed.

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