tickle wrestling

the erotic tv game show 'club the paradise' is recorded once a month in the underground nightclub loft plus one. highlight is the tickle wrestling championships between young tokyo girls. promoter baron tickle ties semi naked girls together by their feet. the audience is mainly interested in the girls’ little knickers shown during fighting. the rules are easy, no injuring the opponent and no finger penetration. the referee takeru kitou, which translates as penis head, is dressed as a panda in a nappy. the main advantage for takeru is that he doesn’t have to go to the toilet if he gets over excited. ‘club the paradise’ is broadcast in japan, korea, hawaii and hong kong. apart from tickle wrestling there is s&m, gay specials & naked cooking. their cookery programme is called romeda & crystal m's vagina's taped over cooking!

loft plus one
hayashi building b2
kabikocho 1-1-14-7
rail station shinjuku



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