featuring: stern und kreis

since 1994 benjamin weiss, fabian feyerabend and stefan kuechenmeister have made techno music in berlin’s underground clubs like electro, frisoer, bunker, sexyland and schizzotempel. the legendary ‘krauttok’ parties with ultra fast gabba sounds often lasted 24 hours. but the toktok boys are by no means just djs. they arrive at a gig with all their studio equipment to deliver real electronic freestyling. missy queen is gonna die, toktok’s first chart hit, was recorded with swedish soffy o, who lives in berlin. before signing with east west, they have been on ellen aliens independent b(p)itch-control label. benjamin and fabian (pictured) like to chill at treptow park, which is on the route of berlin’s oldest passenger-ship which was built in 1886. the kaiser friedrich run by ‘stern und kreis’ shipping company leaves daily from nikolai church to treptow park.


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