towa tei

towa tei became famous as a member of the dance outfit deee-lite in the beginning of the nineties. he wrote the worldwide hit "groove is in the heart" for the ny trio. meanwhile, the trained graphic designer lives close to tokyo, where he works as a dj, remixer and producer. he is involved in solo projects and collaborations with bjoerk, kylie minogue, dj die, chara, pizzicato 5, ayumi tanabe and kahimi karie. towa is always inundated with appointments, so he got himself four robot copies. the robot-doubles replace the master on record covers, in pop videos and at photo shootings, yet towa does the art direction of his projects himself. towa’s album "last century modern" is released by east west. it deals with a musical review of the last century, seen from the future. the interview was filmed in the nolita street apartments.

nolita street apartments
jingumae 1-15-5
subway station harajuku


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