the tsukiji fish market in the harbour of tokyo is the place of pilgrimage for sushi-obsessed gourmets. if you feel famished after clubbing in the nightlife district roppongi, you should set out for tsukiji. here, the atmosphere can be compared to the scene of an opera. an organised chaos of deliveries, errand-boys, auctions and intermediate traders. tsukiji deals with one third of the whole japanese fish requirement. the insider tip for early risers is open every morning from 04.00. the whole spectacle is finished after 10.00. at the entrance of the halls are three small sushi restaurants. ‘sushi day’ offers the best raw fish of the day from 05.00 - 14.00. but you have to be prepared to dig deep in your pocket. the standard selection costs 4000 yen.

sushi dai
chuo-ku, tokyo
train station tsukiji


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