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tido, teki and cusinier are behind the name ttc. the parisian trio produces underground hip-hop. the guys are not impressed by many franco rappers, who simply copy the us-lifestyle. the notorious ttc are signed to big dada, the british hip hop sub-label belonging to ninja tunes, who brought out their debut album ‘ceci n’est pas un disque’, which means: ‘this is not a record’. ttc are well known for their outstanding live performances. they don’t jump around on stage but rather try to impress the audience with their lyrical skills. the casino is one of the most popular live spot for alternative music. the former casino is used for gigs, club nights and as a multi media gallery. the design is industrial and metallic, but the classic chandeliers soften the effect and make for a cosy atmosphere. every evening they put on live events. the casino ensures a mix of styles is represented. pre-gig, the crowd is entertained by djs with house, hip-hop and electro sets. nouveau casino is open from 20.00-02.00, weekdays and until 06.00 at weekends.

nouveau casino
109 rue oberkampf
metro station parmentier


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