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paris is the second home of many north africans. in the moudjadihin shop oriental design meets urban streetwear. the shop is decorated with an oriental style. customers can listen to french hip hop and house with arabic influences. apart from baggy streetwear moudjahidin stocks the latest trainers and baboushs. baboushs are a traditional form of moroccan footwear embroidered in the shop with colourful designs. when shop owner and designer medhy is in a good mood, he invites pretty desert maidens for arabian tea. after the shopping city nomads drift towards twinz. the restaurant is run by tunisian twins. samy and slim’s involve the whole family. their parents prepare food in the kitchen and their sister works behind the bar. the restaurant mixes trendy city design with colourful arabic decor. the pictures on the walls come from young parisian artists and can be bought by guests. the menu consists of french, brazilian and arabic delicacies. on fridays and saturdays dj’s mix an arabian ambiance with cool electro, house and r&b tunes. the moudjahidin shop is open monday to saturday 11.00-20.00, twinz daily 17.00-02.00.

17 rue pierre lescot
metro station etienne marcel

twinz bar-restaurant
101 rue st maur
metro station st maur



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