village vintage

the trendy east village is full of little vintage shops. vintage is classic second-hand style that has been kept in good condition. even top designers have adopted the look for their latest collections. fab 208 has 80’s fashions and accessories only for girls. the pink shop transforms old t-shirts and scarves into sexy eveningwear. around the corner from fab is argosy. this mini shop specialises in extravagant t-shirts for girls and boys. everything that does not seem cool sells extremely well here. the filth mart offers retro clothes in u.s. style. the shop is stuffed full of 70’s shirts, 80’s stilettos and funky accessories. fab 208 is open tuesday to sunday until 19.00. argosy opens monday to saturday 12.00-19.00 and filth mart daily from 13.00.

fab 208
75 east 7th street

428 east 9th street
subway station 1st avenue

filth mart
531 east 13th street


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