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walé adeyemi is a young british-nigerian designer who has been one of the key innovators of uk street fashion. since 1998 walé’s distinctive signature style is the monogrammed graffiti tags and cool street cuts. adeyemi's tagline for his fashion is 'somewhere between the kerb and the boutique'. his range includes sexy bikinis, shorts, bandanas, graffiti beanies, baseball caps vests, hats & bags, combats, the sought after appliqué signature bum jeans, t-shirts, cute velour and soft perforated leather track-suits with matching 'hottie' shorts, batwing tops, duffle coats, miniskirts. everything started at camden market where walé and a friend sold their first handmade clothes. walé has also worked as a stylist for alicia keyes, missy elliot, puff daddy, brandy, outkast, busta rhymes, ashanti, beyoncé and usher, as well as the uk acts craig david, misteeq, so solid crew, ms dynamite and victoria beckham. his own label 'b-side' has an official website where you can buy walé's clothes. you can also buy and order his gear at asos, london.

hampstead rd
london nw1
tube station mornington crescent




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