x syndicate

featuring: kata bar, kokon to zai

x syndicate are four girls and one guy. the syndicate is one of the few french punk-metal bands. the ‘up your kilt’ album is released on the x syndicate label. wild lifestyles and punk metal are very rare for paris. x syndicate buy their clothes at kokon to zai. the boutique in the trendy etienne marcel area is the first stop for all fashion hungry revival punks. kokon to zai doesn’t follow mainstream trends, but deals exclusively with single pieces from young designers. goth shop owner robin offers consultations for customers who are unsure about their unusual clothing combinations. paris only metal-punk bar is situated opposite the moulin rouge. the kata bar is the place to be for those who love black leather, loud music and extremely potent drinks. the pub has a punk style interior. the morbid décor includes chopped off hands, skulls and pickled snakes in jars. underneath kata’s cellar is an old cemetery. goth-techno and pogo nights are held regularly amongst the old graves. the kata bar opens every evening,  kokon to zai monday to saturday.

kokon to zai
48 rue tiquetonne
metro station etienne marcel

kata bar
37 rue fontaine
metro station blanche



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