youth hostels

f.i.a.p. jean monnet is the biggest youth hostel in paris. it boasts 200 rooms, 25 seminar rooms, 2 resaurants and french lessons for beginners. the eight story building also offers guests an internet room, a paris information bureau as well as an in house disco. in the glass bar area, piano concerts are held on a regular basis. f.i.a.p attracts travellers of all ages. those who prefer more intimate sleeping arrangement should go to the peace & love hostel. there are just 20 rooms at peace and love containing 2,4 or 6 beds. the hostel has it’s own pub where you can find the cheapest beer in paris. those who want to cook for themselves can do so in the well equipped kitchen. f.i.a.p and peace & love are both open 24 hours. the peace & love pub is open daily until 02.00.

f.i.a.p. jean monnet
30 rue cabanis
metro station st-jacques

peace & love hostel
245 rue lafayette
metro station jaurès


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